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Sakai3 tool development; lessons learned from rapid prototyping in jQuery

So this one definitely got me outside of my comfort zone. This is also the first presentation I have given where I did not use even one slide! I seemed to have gotten favorable reactions from the audience – so I am going to share it.

Watch the Screen-cast

Description: Learn how you can use simple HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery technologies to build rapid prototypes that can be quickly user tested in short iterations. Unlike more traditional prototyping methods, jQuery allows you to build fully functional user interfaces that not only aid in the design process, but then actually become the tool code itself.

Presenters: Lance Speelmon, Indiana University

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What Did iLearn Today? Sakai and the Net Generation

This presentation tells a compelling story of how some motivated Marist seniors applied their education to deliver some very real-world outcomes.

Watch the Screen-cast

Description:    This presentation explains how an innovative network of Sakai course and project sites form a collaborative community of students and faculty from different courses, sections, and semesters. This also demonstrates how students can help promote Sakai deployments from a communication perspective. Marist students and instructor will present.

Presenters:    Jaclyn Weiner, Marist College; Victoria Banks, Marist College; Jennifer Sussin, Marist College

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