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Aqua Data Studio free for Open Source Software Developers

http://www.theserverside.com/news/thread.tss?thread_id=46856Aqua Data Studio free for Open Source Software Developers

Posted by: John Haxor on September 12, 2007 DIGG

In appreciation of the Open Source community and the great benefit they have provided to the world, AquaFold is announcing a new licensing policy which provides no-cost Aqua Data Studio licenses to developers of Open Source Software. Aqua Data Studio is a development environment for databases providing database query and administration tools, a suite of compare tools for databases, source control and filesystems, and a complete and integrated source control client for Subversion (SVN) and CVS. All qualified Open Source Software developers may apply for no-cost licenses by contacting me directly at nielsgron@aquafold.com. Qualifications for OSSD licenses may be reviewed here …http://www.aquafold.com/opensourcedeveloper-qual.html 

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