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18 hours and counting to iPhone activation!

I purchased a 4GB iPhone yesterday, June 30th and activated it at 6:00pm. All of the 8GB models were out of stock and I just had to have one. The iTunes activation completed without error on my OS X 10.4.10 machine. At the end of the activation process, it told me:

Your activation requires additional time to complete.
You will receive an email confirmation sent to youremailaddress@.com once your activation is complete.

Well it is now 12:00pm on July the 1st and I still have a $500 paperweight! I have been on the phone with both AT&T and Apple twice yesterday. In both cases all they could do was point fingers at each other. AT&T says everything looks good from their end but they cannot peer into the mysterious activation process and that I would need to call Apple. Apple says that they cannot peer into the mysterious activation process and that I would have to call AT&T! This is ludicrous! Surely one of the vendors can see where things stand in the activation queue…

Here is the really frustrating part of the story. I bought an iPhone for Clayton and his activated and was working within a matter of minutes! So this left me wondering, what is different about our situations… Both of us are existing AT&T customers and should have received an pain free and timely activation; only one of us did. Could it be that because I had a Blackberry and an existing unlimited data plan that I am doomed to activation hell? The last time I spoke to a rep at Apple, they said that I should expect to wait 24 hours as they have 8,000 activations in the queue. Somehow I expect that 24 hours will come and go and I will still not have a working iPhone. So much for Apple simplicity and “it just works”! Argh!


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