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John Weathersby, executive director of the Open Source Software Institute, told today that, effective immediately, the Department of the Navy has adopted a new policy which requires that open source software must be considered in every software acquisition the Navy makes.

Department of the Navy CIO Robert J. Carey signed a memorandum (pdf download) today entitled “DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE GUIDANCE” which first notes that misconceptions about whether or not open source software qualifies as COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) or GOTS (government off-the-shelf) software has hindered the Navy’s ability to fully utilize open source software.

The new guidance memo unequivocally states that the Navy will now “treat OSS as COTS when it meets the definition of a commercial item” in an enclosure to the memorandum.

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The Tetra Collaboration

The Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Hull, and the UHI Millennium Institute announce the formation of the Tetra Collaboration, (1) the outcome of a series of meetings and a major summit held at the University of Oxford on the 25th-26th September 2006.

The goal of the Tetra Collaboration is to coordinate activities across the member organisations so as to more efficiently develop and deploy open source enterprise applications of use to UK and European universities and colleges. By working together we can share common solutions to better serve the needs of students and academics, and each of the institutions named is committed to making tangible contributions into the collaboration (2).

The Tetra Collaboration will work together on projects that address the needs of education, research, technical infrastructure, service oriented architectures (SOA), federated systems, and application frameworks.

Tetra will demonstrate the potential of the JISC’s e-Framework, will be built on open standards and IMS specifications, and is committed to developing sustainable community source solutions for education (3).

One of the first Tetra projects will be to continue the work of the Bodington (4) open source learning management system to produce Bodington – Next Generation or Bodington NG. This will combine elements of the Sakai open source framework with the pedagogically strong Bodington toolset. A major design goal of Bodington NG is to develop and implement an SOA enterprise e-framework.

It will provide a smooth transition for existing Bodington users to the Bodington NG platform, preserving and extending the trusted enterprise functionality used daily by these institutions. The Tetra Collaboration is open to working with other institutions who wish to join this exciting effort.

Tetra will both maintain and evolve the Bodington user interface as well as making the Bodington toolset available to Sakai users. The joint effort between Sakai and Tetra will then begin collaboratively to merge the Bodington toolset with the Sakai framework, as well as extend the latter to accommodate the full range of Tetra’s pedagogical and institutional requirements.

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