Commons Fileupload 1.2

I am curious as to whether the new streaming API will allow Sakai to handle large file transfers more efficiently… Anyone know for sure? The support for progress listeners also sounds very cool.

From: “Jochen Wiedmann”
Date: February 21, 2007 2:39:49 PM EST
Subject: Announce: Commons Fileupload 1.2


the Jakarta Commons team is glad to announce the availability of commons-fileupload 1.2. Commons Fileupload is a framework for handling HTTP file upload requests in servlets, portlets, and similar server side Java applications.

Compared to the previous version 1.1.1, the following notable changes have been made:

– A streaming API has been added. The streaming API allows to handle arbitrarily large files without intermediary files while still keeping an extremely low memory profile.
– The presence of a content-length header is no longer required.
– Added support for progress listeners.
– Added support for header continuation lines.
– Added support for limiting the actual file size, as opposed to the request size.

Commons Fileupload 1.2 is available from

Jochen Wiedmann


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