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Commons Fileupload 1.2

I am curious as to whether the new streaming API will allow Sakai to handle large file transfers more efficiently… Anyone know for sure? The support for progress listeners also sounds very cool.

From: “Jochen Wiedmann”
Date: February 21, 2007 2:39:49 PM EST
Subject: Announce: Commons Fileupload 1.2


the Jakarta Commons team is glad to announce the availability of commons-fileupload 1.2. Commons Fileupload is a framework for handling HTTP file upload requests in servlets, portlets, and similar server side Java applications.

Compared to the previous version 1.1.1, the following notable changes have been made:

– A streaming API has been added. The streaming API allows to handle arbitrarily large files without intermediary files while still keeping an extremely low memory profile.
– The presence of a content-length header is no longer required.
– Added support for progress listeners.
– Added support for header continuation lines.
– Added support for limiting the actual file size, as opposed to the request size.

Commons Fileupload 1.2 is available from


Jochen Wiedmann

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Outlook 2007 Rant

Update: It looks like Microsoft may have found the problem and provided a solution. The KB933493 article provides a link to an Outlook 2007 patch that claims to fix performance issues that occur when you work with items in a large .pst file or .ost file. Be sure to leave comments with your results. I am trying it now…

I have been a long time user of Outlook and Exchange before that (remember Schedule+ anyone?). Outlook has made steady progression over the years with more/better features and better offline access up through Outlook 2003. However, with Outlook 2007 I am completely and utterly frustrated! I have been running Windows XP SP2 and Outlook 2003 for a while under Parallels on my dual core Macbook Pro with good results. I have since upgraded Outlook 2003 to 2007 and have entered a situation where it literally can take minutes for an action to complete and control returned to me.

This is completely unacceptable. Let me preface the following comments with the fact that Outlook 2007 has very little new functionality and is probably the least overhauled of any of the Office applications in the suite. Now you may be wondering why I do not switch back to 2003 if it performed well and 2007 does not have a bunch of new features… Well there is at least one new feature I am hooked on and it allows me to publish my calendar to an external server for consumption by people outside of the IU organization. This feature alone caused me to try to make Outlook 2007 work for me.

First I thought maybe Office 2007 needed Windows Vista to perform well. So I went down that path and installed Vista in a Parallels hosted VM. No luck – Outlook 2007 is still a serious dog. I have always been a pretty big Microsoft fan and have not bought into the Microsoft produces bloat-ware mantra, but in this case I think it might be true. With that said, I think that overall Office 2007 with the new ribbon interface is a step in the right direction and makes the feature rich applications more accessible to casual or new users. But how could they take an application that used to perform very well, add very little new functionality, and then make it perform like crap?

Others may be wondering why I even care about Outlook if I am running a Mac as my primary operating system. Well to make another long story short, Entourage is also crap and has corrupted my calendar more than once. If you live and die by your electronic calendar, this only needs to happen once before you head for the hills. Will the upcoming Office for Mac fix Entourage; I seriously doubt it. Argh… Rock < Me > Hardplace


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