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ITS plans winter VSpace transition


A number of significant upgrades and changes to University technology are either in-the-works or under way. Changes include a complete phase-out of the Blackboard learning system, which will be replaced by the Sakai open-source course management system, known at SVSU as VSpace.

According to Information Technology Services Director Ken Schindler, “Blackboard will be done by May of ’08.” Schindler is confident that, despite the problems that accompany any institutional change, VSpace will prove to be just as, if not more, useful.

“In the long term, we think it will be a more secure product, a more flexible product, and a more robust product,” he said.

Vice President for Academic Affairs Donald Bachand recently circulated an internal memo stating, “VSpace has been piloted in some 130 courses on campus, and the reports have been overwhelmingly positive,” among other indicators of an impending switch.

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