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Subclipse 1.1.8 is now available

As with previous 1.1.x releases, this release is only available for
Eclipse 3.2/Callisto users.

This release includes an updated version of JavaSVN which includes support
for SVN 1.4 features.

* JavaSVN 1.1.0 Beta5 + fixes (includes svn 1.4 working copy format)
* Fixed StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in Compare with Base
* Use a better merge API when performing a merge with the same From/To URL
* Enable the Show History and Annotate options on locally copied files. (442)
* Fixed problem when clicking on Pending… text when expanding tree in checkout wizard.
* Rearrange items on SVN menu and remove all toolbar items except Checkout. (394)
* Removed CVS code that stripped template from commit message. (566)
* Exception during checkout of project set could hang Eclipse.
* Revert improvements/fixes.
* WC to WC copy was not copying local contents.
* Unescape URL’s in decorators.
* Fix potential NPE in shutdown
* Fix potential ConcurrentModificationException.
* Performance improvement in Synch view when resources have been locally deleted.
* Remove forced refresh after Switch/Merge. JavaSVN includes fix that makes this no longer neccessary.
* Commit messages were not being remembered. (570)
* Refresh the Synchronize view automatically after performing a commit from the view when the Show Out of Date folders option is on.
* If resource is managed but also in global ignore list, we should not ignore it.
* Fixed potential NPE in refreshing SyncInfo.


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