Subclipse 1.1.7 is now available for download.

As with previous 1.1.x releases, this release is only available for Eclipse 3.2/Callisto users. Details on these releases can be found on our web site here:

The changelog can be found here:

Details of this release are reproduced below. There are a number of UI related changes in this release, including new default icons for menu items. However, you can also now select the menu icons to use in the preferences.

The other big change is the inclusion of the JavaHL 1.4.0 binaries for Windows. Be aware that the 1.4.0 working copy format is incompatible with 1.3.x clients including JavaSVN. As soon as your working copy is touched by a 1.4.0 client it will be silently upgraded. You will not be able to switch back and forth between JavaSVN and JavaHL.

Version 1.1.7
03 October 2006

from: /trunk

* JavaHL 1.4.0 binaries for Windows.
* New menu icons. Menu icons can be specified in the preferences. We
include a default set that is like CVS, the TortoiseSVN set, and a
Subversive set
* Change order of tabs in decorator preferences to match CVS plug-in.
* Added a preview pane to the decorator preferences to match CVS
* Key binding support added for Add, Ignore, Revert and Copy. (394)
* Improved retrieval of log messages in Incoming Changeset mode.
* Additional improvements to handling of .svn folders.
* Removed the Show Pending Operations view. This will result in an
error reloading any Perspectives that had the view open. All functionality

of this view has been improved upon by the Synchronize view.
* Removed the Add Keywords dialog. The properties management features
provides everything that is need to manage the svn:keywords property.
* Restructuring of menu items to match the CVS layout more.
* Add support for commit templates, similar to those provided by CVS
* Add support for spell checking in commit messages.
* Fixed potential NPE in Update from Synch view.
* svn:externals folder shows as outgoing change (562)
* Fixed NPE when sharing project that has .svn metadata folders.
* Fixed decorator refresh when deleting a property.
* Export from Working Copy was not exporting the contents of the
working copy.
* Fixed NPE in Checkout wizard when a revision is not specified.


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