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Subclipse 1.1.7 is now available for download.

As with previous 1.1.x releases, this release is only available for Eclipse 3.2/Callisto users. Details on these releases can be found on our web site here:


The changelog can be found here:


Details of this release are reproduced below. There are a number of UI related changes in this release, including new default icons for menu items. However, you can also now select the menu icons to use in the preferences.

The other big change is the inclusion of the JavaHL 1.4.0 binaries for Windows. Be aware that the 1.4.0 working copy format is incompatible with 1.3.x clients including JavaSVN. As soon as your working copy is touched by a 1.4.0 client it will be silently upgraded. You will not be able to switch back and forth between JavaSVN and JavaHL.

Version 1.1.7
03 October 2006

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Spring 2.0 Released!


Some of the interesting enhancements:

  1. Addition of custom scopes for Spring beans (with HTTP session and request scopes out of the box)
  2. Extensible XML configuration, built around XML schema, with the ability to create namespaces defining custom elements that can be reused as building blocks. Maybe this could be used for tool registrations?
  3. Major AOP improvements…
  4. Improved JMS messaging.
  5. Support for dynamic languages; e.g. jruby, groovy, beanshell.
  6. Better Java 5 support.
  7. Spring MVC improvments. New Portlet MVC framework!
  8. Java Persistence API integration.

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