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Subclipse 1.1.6 is now available for download.

As with previous 1.1.x releases, this release is only available for
Eclipse 3.2/Callisto users. Details on these releases can be found on our

web site here:


The changelog can be found here:


Details of this release are reproduced below. There are a lot of changes
in this release, hopefully all for the better! This release does NOT
include the binaries for Subversion 1.4, but it does include the 1.4
version of the JavaHL JAR file as well as the code necessary to load BDB
4.4 on Windows. So you should just have to drop in the 1.4 binaries to
use them. On platforms other than Windows, you just install the 1.3 or
1.4 binaries at your own choosing. We will likely do a 1.1.7 release as
soon as JavaSVN support for 1.4 is available.

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