MyUCDavis introduces SmartSite

Anyone who has recently visited MyUCDavis will have gotten a whiff of SmartSite, the new online course management section of the campus Web portal.

SmartSite is powered by Sakai, an online collaboration tool whose name might be recognized from Food Network’s “Iron Chef.” The show features Chef Hiroyuki Sakai as one of the competing chefs. The online system is making a name for itself on MyUCDavis.

In 2003, Sakai was developed by the University of Michigan and Indiana University when both universities were working independently to create an open-source course management and collaboration system. Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University heard of their efforts and joined the project as well.

Currently, over 100 universities, some located in Africa, New Zealand, Egypt, and Spain, and the United States have begun utilizing the Sakai software.

According to Michael Giardina, communications analyst for the Office of the Vice Provost of Information and Educational Technology, because Sakai is open-source software – meaning it can be distributed and used by anyone – universities can collaborate to create a system that can be customized and updated to keep up with constantly evolving technology.

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  1. Very amazing site! I wish I could do something as nice as you did…mary

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