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IBM Donates E-Learning Software Code and Expertise to Sakai

IBM yesterday announced it has donated e-learning software code to the Sakai Project, a group of learning institutions creating and deploying open-source course management, collaboration and online research support tools for higher education. The donation is part of IBM’s overall support of open computing in education. Last year, the company announced that it will allow royalty-free access to its patent portfolio for the development and implementation of selected open software standards for Web services, electronic forms and open document formats in education.

IBM developed the donated code exclusively for Sakai to enable the tracking of learning content and help Sakai better support universities that adopt its collaboration and learning environment (CLE). IBM will also contribute the expertise of a senior architect to help speed the development and growth of Sakai software and of open-computing communities in higher education.

IBM’s code donation will enable teachers using the Sakai environment to track consistently the progress of their students using Sakai-based courseware. For students, the IBM code will allow more freedom in how they access distance and self-directed learning applications. Since the Sakai environment is on the Web, students can learn and track their progress while in class, at home or anywhere else where they have a device connected to the Internet.


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Unicon Hosts Sakai Pilot Projects for CLTNet Member Colleges

National Science Foundation-Funded Organization Set to Evaluate Sakai Collaborative and Learning Environment

Phoenix, AZ – July 12, 2006 – Unicon, Inc., the leading independent provider of open source-based enterprise portal, collaboration, learning, and integration technology for higher education institutions, today announced that the Centers for Learning and Teaching Network (CLTNet www.cltnet.org), an NSF-funded organization supporting the Centers for Learning and Teaching (CLTs) will be starting Pilot Sakai projects through Unicon for 10-20 professors of its member colleges this summer. The pilot projects are designed to provide CLTNet instructors with easy, low-cost training and hands-on experience to evaluate the Sakai Collaboration and Learning Environment course management tools.


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