Red Hat CEO Bemoans State Of Education, Tech Talent Pool

CRN – Manhasset,NY,USA

Red Hat Chairman, CEO and President Matthew Szulik said his ability to find well-qualified candidates in the United States who also embrace the open-source movement’s entrepreneurial values and culture of innovation is extremely limited. Of the 500 people Red Hat hired last year, more than two-thirds came from abroad, he said.

An even more troubling problem, however, is the state of U.S. education at the K-12 and higher-education levels. Szulik recalled a recent conversation with a university official who was considering lowering the requirements for admission to his school’s undergraduate technical degree. Szulik said he wondered if that was a trend U.S. businesses should be supporting.

A better alternative, he said, might be to embrace efforts such as the Sakai Project. Under that initiative, Indiana University, MIT, Stanford University and the University of Michigan are sharing courseware in a collaborative learning environment. “Clearly, our view is that the collaborative process of the open-source process can be applied here, too,” Szulik said.

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